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Monthly Donation Delivery Pro-Mexico

Entrega de apoyo a Pro-México

Entrega de apoyo a Pro-México

On 27 June 2009, Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation presented the financial support will be given monthly to the Women’s Association Pro-Mexico  support assistance and educational programs that manages the association.

The assistance program is provided through the Medical Clinic Pro-Mexico, where she conducted numerous clinical studies at low cost to help poor people. For the development of educational programs has a school of arts and crafts where classes are taught English, computers and cuisine among others and has a production workshop tablecloths.

For the Association, the donation represents a significant aid will continue to support that low-income people, and Letty Coppel Foundation continues to fulfill its goal of helping the most vulnerable to improve their quality of life.

Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation hands out household items to assist “Casa de Día”.

Donativo Casa Diurna

Donativo Casa Diurna

On 25 June 2009, the Foundation Letty Coppel household goods delivered to be used by older adults who attend Casa Mazatlan Day of the DIF system, among the donated items include a stove, fans and 18 chairs.
During the presentation event attended by the President of the DIF system Mazatlan, Ms. Perla Sarmiento, who thanked the gesture of the Foundation Letty Coppel.
The “Casa de Día”, is one of the units DIF System Mazatlan, home to “Youth of the elderly”, which operates as stay where they are motivated to use her skills in addition to make them feel useful doing various activities like declamation, dance, crafts, talks and other activities.
This event is evident that social commitment is Pueblo Bonito Group and the Foundation with Mazatleca society

Link de Sistema DIF Mazatlán

Donation of Computer Equipment to the Customer Services Unit to Regular Education # 8. (USAER)

Alumnos Beneficiados

Alumnos beneficiados

On 16 June 2009, Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation took delivery of a computer and a printer to Care Services Unit to Regular Education # 8 of the School Zone 10 of the City of Mazatlan.

This unit is responsible for the care of 87 students with special educational needs with and without disabilities, which are addressed in 4 kindergartens in this school zone: Kindergarten Lund Angela Lund Gomez , Angela de Izaguirre, Fray Pedro de Gante y Antonio Martinez Atayde.

The computer equipment was used so that students can make use of programs that aid in their intellectual development within the classroom. The presentation took place in the multipurpose room of the School Zone 10.

The event was attended by some students benefit and Unit staff of Customer Service to Regular Education # 8.  Miss Sylvia Yolanda Tirado Conde, Director of USAER thanked the support from the Foundation Letty Coppel, highlighting the usefulness of computer use in implementing the strategies and tools of teaching and learning according to the educational needs of the beneficiaries.

With this support, the Foundation Letty Coppel reinforces its commitment to support the most vulnerable groups of society, in this case children with special learning needs, providing a helping hand to better education and hence better quality of life.

Donation for Child Hearing


Pequeña beneficiada

Maria del Carmen Peña Salcido

Last June this year by Grupo Pueblo Bonito Letty Coppel Foundation supports small   Maria del Carmen Peña Salcido.

Mari Carmen was born with Down syndrome and the age of one year and two months sick with meningitis, causing what is known medically as “Cochlear Damage (total hearing loss) and thus the loss of speech, and It required a cochlear implant to replace the function of the inner ear.

With the donation provided by the Foundation Letty Coppel met the full cost of the prosthesis and make your purchase.

Today the small Mari Carmen is happy because their quality of life improved markedly.

Thus Letty Coppel Foundation confirms the commitment we have with people who have a different ability to help them improve their quality of life.

Letty Coppel Foundation participates in the Annual Cruz Roja Los Cabos

Miembros del Patronato de Cruz Roja Cabo San Lucas reciben donativo de Fundación Letty Coppel

Miembros del Patronato de Cruz Roja Cabo San Lucas reciben donativo de Fundación Letty Coppel

Letty Coppel Foundation delivered on 29th May to the Mexican Cruz Roja Delegation plus a donation to the national collection of Cabo San Lucas.

Erika Ruiz sub-delegated the state of the institution who received the meritorious donation and expressed appreciation on behalf of the board of trustees and the institution itself to the so valuable help Letty Coppel. Foundation

The ceremony was also attended Guadalupe Rojas Coordination of Fundraising, Jorge Sanchez of the delegation Cabo San Lucas and Jean Pierre Flores Bataz Comunicación and Image Coordination and  of the Cruz Roja as well as doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers of the institution

Letty Coppel Foundation Support Case Arterioesclerosis

Apoyo a Sra. Macias

Support to Miss Macias

In May 2009, it received the request for support of Ms. Susana Macías Zambrano, she is a person of limited resources, who lives alone and his many ailments that can not play a day job full time.

Ms. Macias constantly suffering from leg cramps that make it difficult to walk and was required to perform a magnetic resonance imaging of the spine, so your doctor might give a correct diagnosis of his illness, given its economic situation could not afford the cost of the study.

Letty Coppel Foundation seeing the urgency of the case, supported the event by absorbing the cost of the medical study referred to above.
The diagnosis was a case of arteriosclerosis detect early and with treatment that has made the lives of Ms. Susana Macias improve markedly

Donation of Material Dialisis for Municipal DIF

Donación de equipo de diálisis a DIF Los Cabos
Donación de equipo de diálisis a DIF Los Cabos

The DIF of Los Cabos received through Letty Coppel Foundation and Pueblo Bonito Group donation of 18 boxes of material to perform dialysis.

With this assistance will benefit people suffering from kidney failure and can not eliminate residue buildup in the blood.

These actions are part of the commitment of the Letty Coppel Foundation  with the most vulnerable people in Los Cabos, which does not have sufficient funds to meet expenses that the disease generates.

The beneficiaries are identified prior socio-economic study conducted by the DIF and determines its condition of high vulnerability

Conference “Climate Change and its tourist approach”

La Dra. Antonina Ivanova, acompañada de Ejecutivos de Grupo Pueblo Boniyo

La Dra. Antonina Ivanova, acompañada de Ejecutivos de Grupo Pueblo Bonito

On 08 May 2008 took place at the campus of Pueblo Bonito Rose Hotel conference entitled “Climate Change and its tourist approach” given by Dr. Antonina Ivanova / Member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was awarded the prize Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 jointly with Al Gore. Such a conference had the participation of private initiative and the Pueblo Bonito Group through the Letty Coppel Foundation.

The conference developed very important issues regarding climate change and its consequences such as global warming, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere which has been causing it called natural disasters or manmade, and what we can do to reduce our emissions so we can help a little on this planet that has given us so much.

Letty Coppel Foundation invites us to collaborate with this problem all of us must take all.

Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation presented donations to the Cruz Roja delegation in Mazatlan

Entrega de donativo a Cruz Roja
Entrega de donativo a Cruz Roja

On 1 April 2009, Grupo Pueblo Bonito by Letty Coppel Foundation handed over a donation to the Cruz Roja delegation in Mazatlan, with which he participated in the annual collection of the Cruz Roja 2009.


Currently, the Delegation of the Mazatlan Red Cross has over two hundred volunteers and one of the few Red Cross hospitals equipped with two operating rooms. Also during 2008, the Mazatlan Red Cross medical and 29.756 presto 7.709 ambulance.

With this activity, it becomes clear commitment Letty Coppel Foundation for supporting institutions that provide service to people in emergency situations

Information talks about the Letty Coppel Foundation

Plática Informativa Fundación Letty Coppe

Plática Informativa Fundación Letty Coppe

On 13 March, and with the presence of Ms. Letty Coppel, President of the Foundation Letty Coppel information meeting was conducted at Pueblo Bonito Group partners.

During the course of the conversation Mr. Alain Mestre Corporate Projects Director explained in detail each of the areas served by the Foundation Letty Coppel.

To conclude the talk by Mrs Letty Coppel invited all Pueblo Bonito Group partners to join this great joint effort