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Domestic violence lecture is given to employees of the Pueblo Bonito Group


Colaboradores asistentes a la platicaIn order to understand the origins, development and consequences of domestic violence, the Pueblo Bonito employees participated in a “Domestic Violence” lecture on October 1st and 2nd. The lecture was given by the staff of the Department of Defense for Children, Women and Family.

This effort is one of the many that the Letty Coppel Foundation and the Municipal DIF System of Mazatlan carry out together to keep their staff informed.

During the discussion, attendees learned about the different ways in which family violence occurs and how to prevent it. They were given information guiding those who find themselves in difficult situations and on how to get help.

Delivery of economic support to people with different abilities

El pasado 25 de septiembre de 2009, Grupo Pueblo Bonito a través de la Fundación Letty Coppel  realizó la segunda entrega de becas económicas a personas con capacidades diferentes correspondiente al mes de septiembre. En dicho evento estuvo presente la  presidenta del Sistema DIF Mazatlán la Sra. Perla Sarmiento de López además del Lic. Miguel Angel Sánchez Moran, Secretario del  H. Ayuntamiento.
Becas Fundacion Letty Coppel
Durante su intervención la Sra. Perla Sarmiento agradeció el apoyo de la Fundación Letty Coppel y destacó que la importancia de esta ayuda permite hacer llegar a un mayor número de personas con capacidades diferentes los recursos necesarios para continuar con sus terapias.
Posteriormente se llevó a cabo la entrega de las becas económicas a las personas con capacidades diferentes por parte del personal del DIF Mazatlán y de la Fundación Letty Coppel.

On 25 September 2009, Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation conducted the second delivery of financial grants to people with different capacities for the month of September. In the event the president attended DIF System Mazatlan Mis. Perla Sarmiento de Lopez addition to President Miguel Angel Sanchez Moran, Secretary, H. Town Hall.

During his speech thanked Mis. Perla Sarmiento Foundation support Letty Coppel and highlighted the importance of this support allows you to reach more people with different abilities necessary resources to continue with their therapies.

Subsequently carried out the delivery of financial grants to people with different skills from the staff of the DIF Mazatlán and Foundation Letty Coppel.

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Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation supports school breakfast program

Desayunos Escolares

Desayunos Escolares

Letty Coppel Foundation believes that today’s health in children is vital for healthy growth and development, and with the support of Pueblo Bonito Group began the delivery of inputs for the preparation of school meals to different educational institutions.

More than 6,000 children on a weekly benefit: breakfasts are available in 5 schools in 8 different shifts in the community. This is a great effort of a team coordinated by the Municipal DIF System of Los Cabos.

The benefits of this program are many for children and highlights including the proper use of nutrients in children, promoting cognitive motor development of schoolchildren and most importantly do not represent a risk factor for development of overweight and obesity .















Letty Coppel Foundation presents team teaching for students with Different Capacities.

Estudiante recibe silla

Estudiante recibe silla

Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation handed over a donation to the Center of Industrial Technology Baccalaureate Service and no. 51 of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, which consisted of textbooks, Braille keyboard, recorders, speakers, talking calculators, sticks and a wheelchair.

Such equipment is used in high school-school for students with disabilities are provided on the premises of this school and attended about 15 different students with different abilities.

During the event, a high school student with vision problems thanked Letty Coppel Foundation for supporting this program, as well, they can fend for themselves.
Again, Pueblo Bonito Group through the Foundation Letty Coppel, reinforces its commitment to education and support to people with disabilities.

Estudiantes CBTIS 51

Estudiantes CBTIS 51

Letty Coppel Foundation supporting the fight against addictions

Asociacion Dios con Nosotros AC
Asociacion Dios con Nosotros AC

Letty Coppel Foundation makes since June on a monthly basis providing a donation to the Association Dios con Nosotros, AC

This institution is dedicated to the struggle of various addictions that exist in our society, drugs, alcoholism, internet, work, etc..

The Association Dios con nosotros  AC therapy searches through given by the chaplain Julio Cesar Diaz, rescue people who suffer some kind of addiction and want to heal rejoining their common work as normal.

Thus Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation is committed to the support and cooperation programs for the fight against addiction and his concern to support the society for a change of mind and above all face addictions.

Letty Coppel Foundation sympathize with the victims of Hurricane Jimena.

La fundación destinó 100 despensas  a los afectados por el huracán
Un total de 100 despensas fueron entregadas al DIF, para su reparto entre las zonas más afectadas por el paso del huracán Jimena en nuestra comunidad. La entrega se hizo al C. Jesús Juárez Espinosa Coordinador de Participación y será el DIF, quien haga llegar estas despensas a las personas más afectadas en nuestra comunidad.
Entre los víveres distribuidos, aceite, frijol, arroz, leche en polvo, legumbres con el fin de aminorar la crisis que viven los damnificados por el huracán Jimena.
Con esta acción, la Fundación Letty Coppel y el Grupo Pueblo Bonito, una vez mas se solidariza con la sociedad, comprometiéndose con valores y reconociendo su compromiso con la población mexicana. La donación de los víveres,  es una muestra de la responsabilidad social que Grupo Pueblo Bonito a través de la Fundacion Letty Coppel hace para la comunidad cuando mas se necesita.
The foundation allocated 100 pantries for those affected by Hurricane Imagen 002

A total of 100 pantries were delivered to DIF, for distribution among the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Jimena in our community. The delivery was made to C. Jesus Juarez Espinosa Involvement Coordinator and will be the DIF, who does these pantries to reach those most affected in our community.

Among the distributed food, oil, beans, rice, powdered milk, pulses in order to lessen the crisis experienced by the victims of Hurricane Jimena.

With this action, the Letty Coppel Foundation and Pueblo Bonito Group, again in solidarity with society, committed to values and recognizing its commitment to the mexican population. The donation of food, is a sign of social responsibility Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation does for the community when more is needed

Letty Coppel Foundation joins the joy of the Family Keel Espinosa

La pequeña Estibaliz disfrutando de la playa

La pequeña Estibaliz disfrutando de la playa

Some of the cases filled with joy and satisfaction to the Foundation Letty Coppel is without the small Estibaliz Keel Espinosa.

Estibaliz recall that in July of this year suffered the misery of Hidromas Sibural (accumulation of fluid in the brain) and underwent a series of studies and surgery in the city of La Paz, BCS, which went successfully .

Today Estibaliz successfully recovered and is enjoying the love that give their parents.

Pueblo Bonito Group through the Foundation Letty Coppel economic delivers 50 scholarships to children with different abilities

Entrega Becas

On 28 August 2009, Letty Coppel Foundation participated in the event of delivery of economic grants special status to children with special needs who reside in nearby communities in rural areas and neighborhoods throughout the city in coordination with the DIF System Mazatlan.
Mazatlan DIF System I give 300 scholarships while Letty Coppel Foundation contributed more than fifty scholarships to benefit children who have some different capacity.
The program aims to support people with disabilities, for most people and especially children have different capacities to benefit and thus improves their quality of life. These scholarships are given economic on the last Friday of each month at City Hall facilities of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.
With this type of action, Pueblo Bonito Group and Foundation Letty Coppel, once again demonstrating the commitment to society especially children with disabilities

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Twelfth Week for Safety and Health and Environmental System

Atentos los participantes durante la Conferencia

Atentos los participantes durante la Conferencia

In order to prevent risks and improve the working conditions of hundreds of workers in coordination with Pueblo Bonito Group and Letty Coppel Foundation organized the twelfth week of Safety, Health and Environmental System.

During the week various events took place, from evacuation drills, exhibition of personal protective equipment, keynote, closing the contest activities with internal emergency brigades of Civil Protection, which faced situations where they had to apply their knowledge and skills in fire, first aid, search and rescue and evacuation.

The event was attended by Alejandro Sánchez Acosta responsible for the emergency center 066, Raul Rodriguez Director of Ecology, Adolfo Roman de la CROC Executive Committee and representatives of different hotels from  Pueblo Bonito Group

Pueblo Bonito Group through the Foundation donates 120 Letty Coppel braces for seniors and people with disabilities.

Donación Aparatos Ortopedicos

Donación Aparatos Ortopedicos

On 5 August 2009, Letty Coppel Foundation in coordination with the DIF system delivered 50 Mazatlan orthopedic walkers, fifty rods and twenty pairs of crutches, making a total of 120 braces donated to elderly people and people with different abilities the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.
This event took place in the premises of the auditorium of the Federal Palace, where he summoned the previous benefit socio-economic study to hand them their equipment to facilitate their mobility and thus improve their quality of life. In the event the president attended Mazatlan DIF System, Ms. Perla Sarmiento.
Again, Pueblo Bonito Group and Foundation Letty Coppel confirm their commitment to support our seniors and people with different abilities

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