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Red Protormar – Sea Turtle Talk

Year by year different workshops, activities and talks are done ir order to make conscience of the importance of the sea turtle preservation, it is important for the people to be ready at the beginning of the nesting season, so everyone can take care of the sea turtle, those workshops were done in for different hotels.

Delegate and Teachers Students of CSL Children’s Primary School, 1847. They released sea turtles.

Monday, October 22, 2012, the Letty Coppel Foundation through the Pueblo Bonito group with the marine turtle protection program, in conjunction with the CSL Delegation and Education Coordination. They started with the release of sea turtles directed to the Public Schools of this locality. This event was held at the Hotel Pueblo Bonito Pacifica at 6:00 p.m., this time we were accompanied by our CSL Delegate. Mr. Martín Lagarda and his Mrs. Cristina Barraza de Lagarda, who thanked the Letty Coppel Foundation for the support it offers and the facilities to carry out this event, likewise invite children and young people to take care of our environment, they need of our support just like we do them. Carlos Villalobos, the Pueblo Bonito group supervisor and responsible for the marine turtle protection program, gave a talk to the children at the 1847 Héroes Elementary School in Cabo San Lucas, how important it is to know the life of sea turtles that many they are in danger of extinction, and above all how to help them, with the sunset, Delegate, Directors and Masters witnessed this show that nature gives us, 300 sea turtle hatchlings were released.

Cleaning Campaign High School # 35

On the occasion of World Environment Day held last June 5 days Students, Teachers and Parents in collaboration with the Foundation Letty Coppel were given the task of conducting a campaign to clean the area around the High School # 35 located Col. Leonardo Gastelum in this way seek to encourage citizen participation on the issue of garbage, each one being responsible in front of his house, working in turn on the good image of the municipality.

In this effort was joined by officials from the Delegation of Cabo San Lucas who provided trucks for garbage collection.

Participated in this activity students 105 students in first grade of secondary school and the Society of Parents of Families.

Of the total Scholl enrollment, 30% are son´s partner of Pueblo Bonito Group so the Letty Coppel Foundation redoubled effort to enhance the conditions under which the educational service is provided to young people.


Nueva Creación School, attends release of sea turtles

Imagen 141Fifth Grade Students of the Nueva Creación School located in the Colonia Las Palmas, Cabo San Lucas attended the beaches of Pacifica Hotel Pueblo Bonito to release baby turtles.

This activity was conducted in conjunction with the Coordination of Education headed by Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez and Letty Coppel Foundation, aiming to sensitize students about the importance of care and protection of endangered species.

The students were attentive to the lecture given by Carlos Villalobos sensilibización Program Supervisor of the Sea Turtle Protection Group Pueblo Bonito, once the talk the students went to the beach where they freed more than 110 sea turtle hatchlings from the Ridley species.

Cendi 04 participates in Turtle Hatchling Release

Imagen 156On 06 November at 09:00 am was the appointment for the little ones of CENDI 04 Cabo San Lucas would come to release baby turtles.
In very special release we have the assistance of Graciela Tiburcio Program Coordinator Sea Turtle Protection and management of SEMARNAT and PROFEPA, who watched and joined in the joy of little ones to be in contact with the baby turtles.
Children throughout the release were accompanied by their teachers, and director of CENDI 04, and were attentive to the conversation we were taught Carlos Villalobos Program Supervisor of the Sea Turtle Protection Group Pueblo Bonito.
The children released over 120 baby Olive Ridley sea turtle species of the sea, between sentences for “good trip”, “good luck” and “back soon”.
Thus Letty Coppel Foundation promotes the care of the endangered species at all educational levels.

Public Schools begin participation in Turtle Release Program.

Imagen 139Public Schools begin participation in Turtle Release Program.

The 04th of november Letty Coppel  Foundation  through Pueblo Bonito Group Program member Sea Turtle Protection and Coordination of Education of CSL, initiated the Program of Liberalization of Sea Turtles directed to public schools.

Our first participants were the Fifth Grade Students, School Narciso Mendoza, who previously were attentive to the lecture given by Carlos Villalobos, Pueblo Bonito Group Supervisor of the Protection Program of the marine turtle. The students were attentive to the development of the conversation.

Accompanied us on this occasion as special guest, Dr. Ernesto Ibarra Officer of CSL, who led a simple but eloquent words to the young students about the importance of caring for endangered species.

Taking the sunset as the background of students, accompanied by their teachers and principals released over 120 sea turtle hatchlings of Olive Ridley species.

Amaranto College Students Participate in the Program of Protection of the Turtle

Imagen 099Students in fifth and sixth grade Amaranto College participated in the liberation of 182 baby turtles on Thursday 29 October.

The students came together with their teachers and parents prior to the release made a visit to Turtle Nest Corral and listened attentively to an informative talk given by Carlos Villalobos Supervisor Program of the Sea Turtle Protection Group Pueblo Bonito.

Once it was handed its turtle breeding each of the young students they were christened and expressed their wishes them good luck on the long journey that started.

These activities Letty Coppel Foundation youth awareness of the importance of protecting endangered species.

Students of 1st and 2nd. Grade Col. Amaranto involved in release of baby turtles

Imagen 111On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 28 students in first and second grade of Col. Amaranto went to the beach at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Hotel for the release of 190 baby turtles.
The children were attentive to each of the explanations given during the talk, and actively participated in the liberation of the turtles, baptized and given the wishes of good luck at the start of their journey toward the ocean.
Small came accompanied by their teachers, parents and siblings enjoying all of this activity, allowing them to live out the knowledge gained in classrooms and raise awareness of the importance of caring for this endangered species.
The learning curve was larger and richer since that day arrived on our shores a turtle ridley species to spawn, the children looked amazed that event.