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Sea turtle release

Many institutions were invited as well as hotel guests from Pueblo Bonito to the sea turtle release, before the activity an introduction speech were given in order to let people know about the cares this specie needs and the process of releasing and how turtles integrates to the marine life, after the speech they continue and release the turtles in the afternoon, the perfect time due to temperature.

Nesting Season

After the counting the data is presented the cycle is done, during this season 1,147 olive ridley turtle nests were registered with 116,418 eggs. All the nests were protected from predators and then were released 97,245 turtle breeds, we hope someday Will return to nest.

Ending of sea turtle nesting

During the 2015 – 2016 season 603 olive ridley turtle, nests were protected, it was a hard labor and a lot of resources were invested with the intention to contribute to the sea turtle preservation.

Sea Turtle Preservation Workshop

As each year is done, at the beginning of the sea turtle nesting season, a interesting talk was done with the intention to let people know how to help the sea turtle preservation. Red Protormar was in charge of the talk and took place in Cabo San Lucas at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, new staff took the talk with the aim to learn about how to take care of the sea turtle and what to do in case you discover a nest or a turtle near the beach.

Sea Turtle Caring talks

Administration students from ITES in company with the Dr. Graciela Tiburcio Pintos visited Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas with the intention to make a research about the sea turtle preservation.

Sea Turtle Release

being part of the environmental education and in company with educative institutions its teachers and students, hundreds of sea turtles were released on the beach at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica.

Sea Life Talk

Children received an informative talk about the activities that are done in order to protect three sea turtle species that nest on the beach, Mr. Carlos Villalobos was in charge of the talk and gave useful information regarding the sea turtle preservation program, after the talk they continued to release 300 olive ridley turtle breeds

Sea turtle release

As part of the sea turtle release program, many institutions were invited to join this emotive activity where hundreds of sea turtle breeds were released, we hope someday Will return where they born to nest and continue their life process and increase the number of sea turtles to avoid extinction.

Environmental Education Activities

During august and november, different activities like sea turtle release and workshops are done in company with educative institutions, a part of the environmental preservation program with SEMARNAT which is part of the plan to raise awareness regarding the importance of the sea turtle preservation with students and teachers.

Sea Turtle Release

Sea turtle release is done right after the turtle nest, turtle breeds are never retained too long unless they came out the nest during the day, are retained till afternoon to be released in the sunset, when is less likely to be attacked from predators