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They thank the Letty Coppel Foundation for the support received by the storm Lidia.
etty Coppel Foundation made the talk about the prevention of breast cancer.
Letty Coppel Foundation provides economic support to children with disabilities and women with cancer.
As every month Letty Coppel Foundation provides financial support to parents of children with disabilities. As well as helping to continue with therapies of children and women in cancer treatment. We also support them with the purchase of diapers and medications. This is a long-term program that aims...
Letty Coppel Foundation donates school breakfasts in Los Cabos.
Within the School Breakfast program, we donate food to children making them more productive in their activities when they go to school. Above all, the intention is to combat undernutrition, and to make families aware of the importance of having children go to school, having previously had breakfast,...
Letty Coppel Foundation provides aid to the victims of the Storm Lidia in Los Cabos.
Letty Coppel Foundation continues to support the victims after the tropical Storm Lidia, on this occasion they were given: mattresses, bed bases, chairs, stove grills and electronic fans. Our intention is that these families recover the few belongings they had, especially those items that are basic for...
Appreciation for the monthly support received by families of children with different abilities.
Thanks to the Letty Coppel Foundation for the support received after the tropical storm Lidia.
Thanks for the support received after the tropical storm Lidia in Los Cabos.
Children appreciate the support of school breakfasts, fixed weekly program.
Letty Coppel Foundation delivers school breakfast to children.
Letty Coppel Foundation continues with its program of supporting school breakfast for low-income children, this is a long-term program that benefits children and their families, so that they already had breakfast before going to school. Therefore, we fight malnutrition and help them avoid diseases due...