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Letty Coppel Foundation Forum Participation
This time “Valor Sudcaliforniano” realized one of its multiple program, a forum for secondary and high school students, in this event many interesting talks were done, with topics like: human values, pregnancy in teenagers, infant obesity, suicide and many more, this conference program took place...
Santuario la Esperanza Refuge Donation
Santuario la Esperanza Refuge thanked Letty Coppel Foundation for its valious contribution and keep supporting this animal refuge, this time the foundation provided sacks with dog´s food, to feed those little dogs they rescue.
Scholar Supplies and Backpacks Donation
Letty Coppel Foundation In Mazatlan provided school supplies and school backpacks to Pueblo Bonito Hotel son´s employees and schools with different abilities children such as CAM 8, CAM23 and San Pablo Refuge, also some were donated to a radio station, so other people could call to the radio and get...
Donation to El Rancho de los Niños
Letty Coppel Foundation makes its contribution to support children refuge located in El Castillo Mazatlan, this refuge helps more than 20 children and teenagers with different abilities, in this occasion the foundation provided: controlled medicine, food pantry packages, diapers and more things.
Letty Coppel Foundation does it bit to Support GANAC A.C
Letty Coppel Foundation makes its contribution to help GANAC A.C is a support group for children affected by cancer, where they get help to overcome this disease. Counting with this valious contribution those children have the opportunity to improve their quality life.
Letty Coppel Foundation School Supplies Donation
As each year they do, Letty Coppel Foundation donated school supplies to low resources communities in Los Cabos, where hundreds of children gathered to receive this support, they seemed happy for receiving their school supplies, so they can continue studying. It should be noted that their fathers thanked...
Letty Coppel Foundation Donation
As each year Letty Coppel Foundation provided school supplies to employees children from Pueblo Bonito Group, on time all arrived to La Costa Salon in Pueblo Bonito Rose to receive their school supplies package for their children, the foundation had the intention to support children, so they can back...
Food Pantry, Ceiling Structures and Orthopedic prothesis donation
Letty Coppel Foundation in Mazatlan together with Una Mano Amiga Association donated this month in the neighborhoods Valles del Ejido where many people were beneficiated with food pantry, ceiling structures for damaged houses and different orthopedic apparatus such as wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches...
Economic Support for Elders and Children With Different Abilities
Letty Coppel Foundation in Mazatlan gave economic support for children with different anilities and elders in need, with the collaboration of Municipal DIF, this support is given month by month in the German Evers Auditorium.