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Letty Coppel Foundation donates School Supplies in San Jose del Cabo
In this event, many children in need were beneficiated with school supplies to continue studying, they were motivated and thanked Mrs. Letty Coppel for her contribution.
Letty Coppel Foundation Donates bicycles in Cabo San Lucas
Letty Coppel Foundation supporting low-income children in Cabo San Lucas in coordination with the Recreative Cycleway. The foundation delivered the bicycles to the children, as well as the mother´s children are in the program self-employment. The Director of the cycleway Mario Meave thanked Letty Coppel...
Letty Coppel Foundation Donates Diverse Supports for Hotel Pueblo Bonito Employees
In this occasion Mrs. Letty Coppel made a priceless contribution such as scholarships for nursing students, delivery of sports uniforms, soccer balls, tickets to be changed for eyeglasses, and also the self-employment program was mentioned as a valuable resource for mothers with no job. It should be...
pantries, orthopedic and roof structures donation
Letty Coppel Foundation delivered food pantry, ceiling structures and orthopedic apparatus such as walking sticks, crutches and others in the Francisco Villa neighborhood, where hundreds of people gathered to receive support.
Letty Coppel Foundation Participated in the Traditional Pilgrimage
One more year Letty Coppel Foundation is contributing with this emotive festivity, took place in Cabo San Lucas and employers from Pueblo Bonito Group gathered there to join the parade, between dancers, singers people enjoyed the pilgrimage and at the end they all sang to the Virgen de Guadalupe, to...
support for vulnerable people
this time Letty Coppel Foundation had the opportunity to visit women in the Mazatlán penitentiary and deliver first need personal products, the foundation also provided interesting talks focuses on values, love and faith.
International Disability Day
This is a very important day for people with different abilities, they have showed they can move forward and be strong towards any situation, we see the do not give up and Letty Coppel Foundation makes the recognition to their strength, they celebrated eating cake, listening piano presentations, dancing...
As each year, Letty Coppel Foundation participates in the event “Santa Clause Cruises”
which took place in The Pabellon Cultural in Cabo San Lucas, where hundreds of children gathered waiting for Santa Claus, to hug him and receive a present, Santa also gave them piñatas, tamales and atole, at the end, they all thanked the foundation for this memorable event.
Letty Coppel Foundation Race
The foundation organized the eleventh race with the aim to promote the importance of practicing sports among Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Hotel, in this event, winners and participants were awarded with medals, as well as an economic incentive for the three first places.