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Delivery Letty Coppel Foundation provides housing to those who suffered damage from Hurricane Odil.
Letty Coppel Foundation gave talks on breast cancer.
Collect in favor of Santuario Animal and Caminata Canina in Mazatlan
Those animal refugees were beneficiated by a collect that Letty Coppel Foundation organized, those little animals deserve home and a lovely family, we hope they will be adopted soon.
Medical Support Donation
Letty Coppel Foundation bring medical support at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay in Mazatlan, with the aim to support her economy and improve her health
Letty Coppel Foundation build homes.
Donation for El Rancho de los Niños
Letty Coppel Foundation Mazatlan as usual takes support to the children’s ranch, providing them medicines for children with different abilities, diapers, vitamins and food pantry was a happiness for them since they needed this help.
pantry, roof structures and orthopedic apparatus Donation
For Letty Coppel Foundation it is important to every month donate pantries, slides and those who are going through a difficult situation, the foundation aim is to support and improve their lives a little by helping the community and make their life a bit easier.
Delivery of electronic devices to the visually impaired in Mazatlán.
Letty Coppel Foundation delivers electronic devices to the visually impaired and seeks school development and understanding by supporting laptops and computers with books included for better performance of them as students, promoting as their main objective their education and daily learning which are...
“Letty Coppel A.C. Foundation” continues to provide craft doll making workshop.
“Letty Coppel A.C Foundation” carries out various activities for the benefit of the community, as is the case of the workshop course that began recently in which the participants are learning how to make handmade dolls.
The “Letty Coppel A.C. Foundation” begins a handicraft workshop.
As part of the activities carried out by the “Letty Coppel A.C Foundation” in the area of community development, the handicraft doll workshop-course was initiated, which aims to provide the necessary tools and knowledge in the elaboration of said pieces.