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Coexistence of thanks to collaborators of Pueblo Bonito.
In order to thank the great efforts of the employees of Pueblo Bonito, Letty Coppel Foundation, a pool party was held at Pueblo Bonito Sunset, where each of the attendees enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.
Letty Coppel Foundation provides support to collaborators.
“Letty Coppel” Foundation assisted employees of Pueblo Bonito who were affected after the passage of the hurricane “Odile” to which they were given a basic food package, cleaning kit and personal hygiene, this thanks to the collaboration with the Government of the State and the...
Security department employees coexist in pleasant dinner.
As part of the gratitude for the support always received by the staff from security department, Pueblo Bonito offered its collaborators a dinner at the Flamingos restaurant, living in a pleasant way with each one of those present.
San Luqueña families receive food pantries through the Letty Coppel Foundation
Hurricane “Odile” severely damaged families in Los Cabos, for this reason, Letty Coppel Foundation through the various activities it has carried out and thanks to an “angel” was made the delivery of pantries, diapers and candy to people from the community of Cabo San Lucas who...
Pueblo Bonito Pacifica grants pantries to its collaborators through Letty Coppel Foundation
Employees of the Hotel Pueblo Bonito Pacifica affected by the hurricane “Odile” were benefited through the Letty Coppel Foundation when they were given a basic pantry, thus fulfilling the commitment with the employees of Pueblo Bonito and their families.
“Letty Coppel” Foundation makes collection of diverse clothing for employees of Pueblo Bonito and community in general.
After the passage of Hurricane “Odile” there have been diverse needs of families affected by this meteorological phenomenon, for this reason Foundation “Letty Coppel” was devoted to the task of carrying out the collection of clothing and shoes for employees and their families...
“Letty Coppel” Foundation Receive donations from Recreational Bikeway CSL.
“Letty Coppel” Foundation received from the Recreational Bikeway of Cabo San Lucas and BCSicletos, the donation of different clothes which were given to the Hotel Collaborators at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, who thanked for those donations
Letty Coppel Foundation delivers groceries to employees of Pueblo Bonito
As part of the activities that “Letty Coppel” Foundation has carried out after the contingency that occurred after the passage of Hurricane “Odile”, the delivery of food to families affected by this natural phenomenon was carried out as well as to each one of the affected employees.