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Special Therapy “Psychopedagogy México”
During the month of June, Letty Coppel Foundation broke a mark of special attention to those who need it the most, delivering more than 240 interconsultations to children and their families with special needs, as part of the care project of the Psychopedagogy Mexico, Letty Coppel supports the group in...
Sea turtle release
As part of the sea turtle release program, many institutions were invited to join this emotive activity where hundreds of sea turtle breeds were released, we hope someday Will return where they born to nest and continue their life process and increase the number of sea turtles to avoid extinction.
Conference “A life with added value”
Letty Coppel Foundation Mazatlán, on behalf of Mrs. Letty Coppel President of its Foundation, brings to the Convention Center the number one lecturer in Latin America, Dr. César Lozano, offering a press conference with the presence of Deputy Fernando Pucheta, Senator Diva Gastelum among other personalities....