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Letty Coppel Foundation Celebrates Children´s Day
Letty Coppel Foundation brought joy in the Children’s Home Momentos Preciosos, to celebrate the children on this special day, it is good to mention they arrived punctually at a Hollywood-style party where the kids dressed up as their favorite heroes, later they showed her characters imitating them,...
Children´s Day with Letty Coppel Foundation
the foundation delivered approximately 1,750 candy bags in different neighborhoods to children living in extreme poverty, one more proof that Letty Coppel Foundation in Mazatlan is always aware and care for children, on this day giving them candies is to bring joy to their hearts.
Letty Coppel Foundation Celebrates Children with Different Abilities
Letty Coppel Foundation in coordination with the committees family´s parents in Los Cabos “United for Disability”, celebrated the day of the child, they arrived early to celebrate with them an afternoon of joy and happiness, in the entrance children took souvenir photos with their relatives,...
Children´d Day Celebration with Letty Coppel Foundation
Letty Coppel Foundation celebrates children’s day in Cabo San Lucas, with film performances, the kids came to the Cinemex from Puerto Paradise square to watch the movie Spider Man, between smiles and joy accompanied by their dad, they went in very happy to see the film of his favorite heroes, at...
Children´s Day at Pueblo Bonito Resort in Los Cabos
The Letty Coppel Foundation organized a film show for the children of the employees of the Pueblo Bonito group to celebrate the Children´s Day, punctually the parents arrived with their children in Cinemex puerto paraíso, to watch the film Rio 2, and to spend with their families a beautiful afternoon,...
Celebrating children’s day.
Annual Collect for Mexican Red Cross Fund
As usual Letty Coppel Foundation contributes its bit in the annual Red Cross charity collect to maximize their development and to better support their needs to offer a good service to the community of Mazatlan that demands such medical attention.
Letty Coppel Foundation Promotes the Talk School for Parents
Letty Coppel Foundation as every month teaches “School for Parents” in the Children’s Housing Preciosos Momentos, parents promptly went to listen to the talk given by Lic. Lucy Guevara coordinator of the Letty Coppel Foundation in Los Cabos, at the end of this talk parents of families...
School for Parents Conference
Searching for greater solidarity and promotion of values, school conferences are held for parents with children of different abilities, to see different points of view, to have support and understand that we are not alone, stories, experiences and knowledge were shared with the aim to learn and grow.
Support for El Rancho de los Niños
Letty Coppel Foundation giving support to the children’s ranch, giving away cribs, fans, blankets, medicines and others for their greater comfort, that their stay is more pleasant and they can cover their needs in their entirety, seeing for the well-being of children with different capacities,...