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Providing scholarships to children with disabilities and older adults
On June 27, the Letty Coppel Foundation gave out 70 scholarships that are delivered every month to 50 children and 20 elderly disabled. These scholarships are provided in coordination with the DIF Mazatlan. The place of delivery is the court Germán Evers, since very early beneficiaries get there to...
Movie Theater function for father’s day
On June 18, the letty coppel foundation supported the women radio to organize a movie theater function for father’s day; tickets were delivered to the radio station where they conducted the promotion of this event. The function was held in the Cinemas Las Gaviotas in the Golden Zone in Mazatlan, families...
Letty Coppel Foundation celebrates father’s day with the collaborators from pueblo bonito’s hotels.
On June 14, the letty coppel foundation celebrated father’s day with the collaborators from the pueblo bonito hotels in Mazatlan at the ranch charco Puerco. Where fathers of both hotels enjoyed a meal and various games. Among the surprises was held a raffle of various gifts , which were given to collaborators...
Sea Turtle Release
Sea turtle release is done right after the turtle nest, turtle breeds are never retained too long unless they came out the nest during the day, are retained till afternoon to be released in the sunset, when is less likely to be attacked from predators