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“You can change your life” Conference Eduardo Verastegui

Eduardo Verastegui visited Los Cabos, invited by Mrs. Letty Coppel who chairs the Foundation Letty Coppel. The renowned Mexican actor, a great defender of human life against abortion and a defender of family values in Latin America, was in the municipality of Los Cabos from 27 to August 31, 2010, by a series of activities for the Foundation Letty Coppel.

In an emotional conversation with executives and employees of Grupo Pueblo Bonito, Eduardo Verastegui told the process of conversion to Catholicism after performing in the Hollywood movie “Chasing Papi”, where an English teacher made him reflect on the emptiness of his life and realizing this, he says he was “shaking inside.” Father Juan Rivas, a Mexican, he began to help and offered him some books that were discovering the beauty of Christian life. He started attending daily Mass and another priest, Father Francisco, proposed a general confession. After a long preparation, Verástegui was a confession of three hours with Father Justin. This is what the actor considers his second time of conversion. “I realized that was not born to be an actor or something, but to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.” Then, with the daring of the convert sold all their property and decided to go to Brazil as a missionary, but his father made him Juan Rivas see where he belonged was where I was, Hollywood, there Christ was more necessary in the modern jungle of Hollywood. So Verástegui created the Producer Leo Severino Metanoia Films to make movies in the service of hope and dignity. “Bella” is the first tape of this company, who offered to Our Lady of Guadalupe and won the Festival of Toronto against the odds. He also has created a Bible study for actors and directors, a meeting place in Hollywood for those seeking something more than fame. Verástegui has been very actively involved in the fight against abortion, which is a crime against humanity and women. This has participated in numerous anti-abortion campaigns.

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