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Social Assistance

Letty Coppel Foundation remains that one of its main goals is to always support the needy, as this segment is the most vulnerable and there is no better approach to altruistic policy to help those who need it most. The justification of the actions has been and will continue being the dignified treatment of people. That’s why the commitment of the Foundation Letty Coppel is permanent supporting every one of the actions that bring results in the improvement and well-being in our people and especially those who most in need.
Through experience, in Letty Coppel Foundation we've learned that vulnerability is a complex situation, multiple facets, which can affect people differently. All of them require specific support to overcome seemingly unbeatable conditions. One of our main duties has been  to instrument  projects and working lines based on the consensus and in the balance between the level of their demands and our ability to respond. We hear people, set goals and working together, we achieve results.
We have adopted a new approach to social assistance: family and community perspective. With this orientation we revalue the individual from their family dimension. For Letty Coppel Foundation, the most important is the well being and development of all those who make up the family. so, by the integral growth of each human being, it consolidates the family, the community is strengthened and it invigorates our society. This is the base of the country we all want.