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Release of sea Turtles

As part of the environmental responsibility of Pueblo Bonito Group, through the Letty Coppel Foundation, there is a program for local flora rescue. In Los Cabos, there is greater emphasis on the protection of the following species: fishhook cactus “viejito” (Mammillaria sp) and red barrel cactus “biznaga” (Ferocactus peninsulae); because these cactus are in fact endangered species.
Within the established actions special treatment is given to different species, among which we can find Elephant Tree “Torote blanco” (Bursera odorata), Copal (Bursera hinsiana), Wild Plum “Ciruelo” (Cytocarpa edullis), among other species. They are removed and then transplanted into nurseries for their care and reproduction. Also, each of the hotels has a small nursery where they reproduce species and are given adequate care. In Mazatlán there is a compost center, which helps to use organic fertilizer and therefore avoid the use of chemical products.
The species that are rescued are then used to reforest center dividers and green areas of the municipality.


Cactimundo is located in the municipality of San Jose del Cabo, 32 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas, this is the botanical garden administered by Pueblo Bonito Group through the Letty Coppel Foundation, which is open to the general public. It has a variety of the most important cacti of Mexico, with 850 species from around the world. The deserts ecosystem, with dunes and cacti, is perfectly preserved and has made it capable of successfully reproducing and conserving the most important collection of cacti in Mexico.


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Release of sea Turtles

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