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Thanks to the broad philanthropy of the Letty Coppel Foundation, the Pueblo Bonito Group a company committed to development—has acquired a unique human dimension. The environmental and social efforts made by the Letty Coppel Foundation ensure the Group’s dedication to its community and natural surroundings. As a result of the Foundation’s efforts, Pueblo Bonito Group has been the proud recipient of numerous prizes, including:

Recognition from ECOSOL

For a certification or management of dangerous industrial residues

Recognition from Mexico Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources

For the Group's support on World Environment Day

Recognitions from Mexico's National Commision

Of Natural Protected Aeas and Mexico's Environmental Protection Office, for the Pueblo Bonito Group's protection of sea turtles

Recognition for our corporate dedication to education


A first- place award from Mexico's Environmental Protection Office

As a green hotel

Certification of Pueblo Bonito hotels

as official shelters in the event of natural disaster

Recognition from Mexico's Civil Protection Agency

for the Group's support in natural disasters

Pueblo Bonito Group

Also receives constant media attention for our efforts and participation in different areas like protecting nests of sea turtles discovered along the beaches of our hotels
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